When good food is rejected upon delivery
Let Food Cowboy help you donate it...
"less waste and less hunger"


Food Companies/Transporters

The warehouse manager just told you not to take those last two pallets of tomatoes off the truck - too ripe he says. So you call Food Cowboy with all the information on the tomatoes, your current location and your next destination. You doze off until you get a call back with information on a charity happy to accept the donation. In fact, they will stay open until you get there and help you unload the tomatoes. We have a winner! Both you and the shipper will be credited with the donation.


You're a food bank manager and once again it's been a sleepless night. Christmas was weeks ago and donations have dried up but you still have families to feed. Then you get a text message asking whether you can open your warehouse early to accept two pallets of tomatoes that were rejected by a distributor because they were too ripe. You smile and hit "OK".

Event Hosts/Planners

The gala went off without a hitch. It was a big success and everyone had a good time - only one thing left to do: You give the caterer the nod. She does a quick inventory and sends a text to the Food Cowboy contact: "Ready for Pick Up." At the pre-arranged time a car quietly rolls up to take the unserved food to a local soup kitchen.