The warehouse manager just told you not to take that last pallet of tomatoes off the truck – too ripe he says. So you post them on Food Cowboy, saying you’re leaving for Abilene at 3 AM. Then you crawl in back and go to sleep. When you wake up you’ve got messages from three food banks along the way offering to take the tomatoes off your hands. One will even meet you at a truckstop and throw in a coupon for a free breakfast. We have a winner! Both you and the shipper will be credited with the donation.

Get the App from the app store
(APPLE/ GOOGLE) or register at

Enter what you have to donate and where the food is located (or where it is going)

Food Cowboy contact charities nearby or along your route

Charities contact you directly if they can accept the donation

You decide where to deliver food or arrange a transfer

Food Cowboy emails you a delivery confirmation

Earn Cowboy Points for every donation

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It’s past midnight and you can’t sleep. Christmas was weeks ago and donations have dried up but you still have families to feed. Then, you get an alert from a trucker 50 miles away saying she just got stuck with a thousand pounds of tomatoes that were rejected by a distributor because they weren’t ripe enough. They are in 90 RPCs on three blue pallets. That’s worth $24 to you – about what it will cost to have someone come in early to meet the truck. You smile and click “Accept.”

Get the App from the app store
(APPLE/ GOOGLE) or sign in on

Receive alerts about food & nonfood donations(type,amount,location, pick up window)

Accept donations on Food Cowboy

Schedule pickups with donor

Pick up donations, indicate acceptance and rate transactions on Food Cowboy

Food Cowboy emails receipts to donor

Earn money for storing RPCs and pallets

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