No Waste Promise Campaign

The No Waste Promise is a public awareness campaign that growers, wholesalers, food retailers and others can join to let their customers know they are doing everything they can to ship food sustainably and recover and divert unsaleables responsibly.


The No Waste Promise seal helps consumers identify and support food companies, charities, entrepreneurs and others who are helping to reduce waste.

No Waste Promise members simply agree to work internally to reduce waste and to encourage their suppliers to do so as well. By championing food recovery and waste diversion solutions, these leaders not only reduce their own waste but help change the industry as well.

No Waste Promise Committee

The No Food Waste Promise Exploratory Committee is an informal advisory group created to provide Food Cowboy Foundation with insight from all sectors of the food system in order to guide its capacity-building investments and consumer awareness activities. It will explore how the industry could address growing consumer and regulatory concern over food waste and will help to develop certification standards for no waste partners.

The No Waste Promise Committee will communicate openly with No Waste Promise members as it develops and refines No Waste standards for industry and charity partners. These standards will include sustainable practices relating to transportation, storage, marketing and recovery of food. The Committee will develop a set of best practices that will serve as benchmarks for members to measure their own success as true No Waste partners.